Privacy Policy

CouponsCatch is devoted to protecting your online privacy. Please read the following policy to learn how we will handle your personal information while you make full use of our services. Please revisit our policy from time to time because it may change. This Privacy Statement applies only to the CouponsCatch website.

  • CouponsCatch uses cookies. Most large websites write a small data file called a cookie to your hard drive for documentation purpose. CouponsCatch uses cookies to track site activities and improve your user experience, such as memorizing your passwords and browsing preferences

  • This privacy statement is not designed to create any protected by law rights in or on behalf of any party, and it does not do so. CouponsCatch retains the right to this privacy policy at any time without notice to users.

  • CouponsCatch incorporates links to sites that are not affiliated with CouponsCatch and may not adhere to the same privacy rules as CouponsCatch.

  • CouponsCatch has a relationship with Affiliate Networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare, and ShareaSale, with whom we collaborate to provide such offers, promotions, or attributes available on or through our product lines, and when you click on Affiliate Networks' links and buy stuff, we would then generate a small commission from the ad company at no extra cost to you.

  • There are methods to sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter sign-up prompt is located in the bottom of our homepage, as well as in a non-intrusive pop-up.

  • You accept to be included to our mailing list by subscribing to our newsletter. Mailchimp, a third-party mailer, is used to handle our mailing list. Your authorization to send you emails via our mass mailing service is based on your consent (Mailchimp). We will send you only emails from us, and we will never sell your information. By signing up for our newsletter, you give us permission to contact you for advertising purposes. Emails explaining new discounts, new items, competitions, and updates are included.

  • We've made unsubscribing from our email list as straightforward as possible. We include an unsubscribe link in the bottom of every email we send. Furthermore, we will update our database and delete your information from our mailing list if you choose this option.